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The Ethereum 2.0 revolution – Just Mining and EDF join forces to maximize your passive income!

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 marks the start of a new era. After having long suffered from recurring scalability problems, the switch from a PoW to PoS protocol system promises to profoundly improve the fluidity of the network. Just Mining and EDF invite you to participate in this major development, while generating passive income.

This is a promotional article written in collaboration with Just Mining.

Large-scale partnership Made in France

Just Mining has been offering staking opportunities for individuals and institutions for several years . Thanks to their platform, you can generate passive income by making the tokens of the protocol of your choice available (included in the selection operated by Just Mining).

The company led by Owen Simonin, a leading French crypto influencer, has decided to put the dishes in the big for the launch of its ETH 2.0 staking offer . Indeed, it is nothing other than EDF , via its subsidiary Exaion, which will ensure the robustness of the infrastructures.

The other major benefit of this Franco-French alliance is the reduction in costs induced by the implementation of Ethereum nodes. While the operating costs taken by providers in the sector generally amount to 12% of the profits generated, this new kind of partnership will allow the costs incurred to be reduced to 7.5% .

Operation details

The rediscovered attractiveness of major digital assets has had the gift of increasing the average ticket to participate in the launch of phase 0 of ETH 2.0. It is indeed necessary to have the equivalent of 32 ETH to contribute to the security of the network, and to benefit from passive income rewarding you for this effort.

This Friday, December 4, 2020, it is the equivalent of 16,000 euros in ETH that you need to have to build your own node. Well aware of the inaccessibility of such an amount for the majority of crypto-enthusiasts. Just Mining has decided to introduce an offer that will generate passive income with a minimum of 0.5 ETH stake (or 250 euros).

ROI curve as a function of the number of ETH stakes

If you do not have the required ETH, they can be acquired directly through the Just Mining platform. You will then have the luxury of staking them as you wish. The return on investment will depend on the total number of ETH stakes in the network, and will be broken down as shown in the graph above.