1. Februar 2023 Von admin Aus

Litecoin [LTC] Partners With Mastercard For UK & EU Payments

• Litecoin Foundation and Mastercard have announced the new Litecoin Card program, which will be available to residents in the UK and Europe.
• Sharks have increased their holdings by over 4% as price rallies.
• The expansion of Litecoin’s reach and use cases will result from the cryptocurrency’s inclusion into Mastercard’s network.

Litecoin [LTC] & Mastercard Partnership

The Litecoin Foundation and Mastercard have announced a partnership that would introduce the Litecoin Mastercard in the UK and Europe. This payment bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance (TradFi) is expected to open up new opportunities for merchants and companies to accept Litecoin as payment.

Shark’s Accumulation of LTC

Addresses holding 100–10,000 LTCs, known as sharks, have increased their accumulation before the price surge of Litecoin. According to Santiment’s data, these addresses had contributed 1.15M more coins or 4.92% more coins over the last six months which has caused a peak in Litecoin’s value last experienced in May 2022.

Litecoin Price Rally

The announcement of this partnership caused an increase in LTC’s value with it currently trading at around $93.5 with a 2% increase since yesterday however still down 3% from its previous session. Additionally, looking at its 30-day MVRV market to realized value indicates that it is making a 10.24% profit while its 365-day MVRV is 32.97%.

How Much Are 1,10 & 100 LTC Worth?

1 LTC is currently trading at around $93 USD; 10 LTC equals approximately $930 USD; 100 LTC equates to about $9 300 USD today .


The collaboration between MasterCard and the Litecoin Foundation could open up many opportunities for merchants and companies who wish to accept LTC as payment due to its inclusion into MasterCard’s network.. An increase in Shark accumulation may also cause additional rallies while long term MVRV values indicate that it has been fairly successful so far this year albeit with some dips here and there