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Hedera Co-Founder Expects NFTs to Boost DLT Popularity

• Mance Harmon, the co-founder of Hedera, recently discussed the growth and performance of his layer 1 DLT firm during an interview.
• Despite FUD and slumping crypto prices, Hedera saw its total value locked (TVL) rise by 33%.
• Harmon expects more use cases in the supply chain NFT space to drive further growth for Hedera.

Harmon on Hedera’s Performance During Crypto Winter

Mance Harmon, the man behind the popular layer 1 DLT Hedera recently appeared in an interview on Paul Barren Network. The interview saw Harmon discuss various aspects of his blockchain firm including decentralization, its growing governance council, and recent partnerships. According to him, despite rising FUD and slumping crypto prices, the network usage saw massive growth due to decentralized exchanges like SaucersSwap and staking platforms like Stader Labs. Tokenization services, Hedera consensus service, filesystem, and smart contracts also contributed to its success.

Harmon at Davos Summit

Hedera participated in the 2020 Davos Summit last month. When asked about decreased presence of blockchain firms at the summit due to crypto winter, Harmon said that it was perfect opportunity for Hedera to demonstrate real-world case studies using their technology as overall tone was more pragmatic than flashy. Additionally he highlighted how they were able to ensure a degree of decentralization that no other layer 1 firm has been able to achieve till date.

Decoding Details

The co-founder also decoded details about future plans for increasing scaling capabilities for higher transaction throughputs along with community run nodes and additional shards within 24 months time frame. He is confident that tokenized world would be driven by NFTs associated with existing core crypto-focused spaces like gaming loyalty rewards among others as well as NFT use cases related with supply chain industry will contribute immensely towards driving further growth ahead.


Overall Harmony is quite confident regarding upcoming prospects of his technology while focusing on developing several possibilities which can benefit both users as well as investors in near future timespan. Even though there are some roadblocks but optimism is what keeps them pushing forward towards success journey ahead!

Key Takeaways

• Mance Harmon is confident about the performance of his DLT platform despite FUD & slumping crypto prices
• He expects more use cases in the supply chain NFT space to drive further growth for Hedera
• The team is working towards adding community-run nodes and additional shards within 24 months