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Litecoin [LTC] Partners With Mastercard For UK & EU Payments

• Litecoin Foundation and Mastercard have announced the new Litecoin Card program, which will be available to residents in the UK and Europe.
• Sharks have increased their holdings by over 4% as price rallies.
• The expansion of Litecoin’s reach and use cases will result from the cryptocurrency’s inclusion into Mastercard’s network.

Litecoin [LTC] & Mastercard Partnership

The Litecoin Foundation and Mastercard have announced a partnership that would introduce the Litecoin Mastercard in the UK and Europe. This payment bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance (TradFi) is expected to open up new opportunities for merchants and companies to accept Litecoin as payment.

Shark’s Accumulation of LTC

Addresses holding 100–10,000 LTCs, known as sharks, have increased their accumulation before the price surge of Litecoin. According to Santiment’s data, these addresses had contributed 1.15M more coins or 4.92% more coins over the last six months which has caused a peak in Litecoin’s value last experienced in May 2022.

Litecoin Price Rally

The announcement of this partnership caused an increase in LTC’s value with it currently trading at around $93.5 with a 2% increase since yesterday however still down 3% from its previous session. Additionally, looking at its 30-day MVRV market to realized value indicates that it is making a 10.24% profit while its 365-day MVRV is 32.97%.

How Much Are 1,10 & 100 LTC Worth?

1 LTC is currently trading at around $93 USD; 10 LTC equals approximately $930 USD; 100 LTC equates to about $9 300 USD today .


The collaboration between MasterCard and the Litecoin Foundation could open up many opportunities for merchants and companies who wish to accept LTC as payment due to its inclusion into MasterCard’s network.. An increase in Shark accumulation may also cause additional rallies while long term MVRV values indicate that it has been fairly successful so far this year albeit with some dips here and there

Cardanaires Genesis NFT Collection: Unlock Rewards with Limited Edition Art!

• Kwrtz and Tangent Protocol have announced the launch of their Cardanaires Genesis NFT Collection, featuring 5555 tokens spread across three rarity tiers.
• Each NFT is hand-drawn and holds hidden riddles for the collector to decipher.
• Holding the NFTs will entitle users to rewards such as farming rewards, exclusive events for future campaigns and mints, locked private groups, and an airdrop entitlement.

Kwrtz and Tangent Protocol have released their Cardanaires Genesis NFT Collection, a digital asset collection featuring 5555 tokens spread across three rarity tiers. The collection offers a unique combination of art and staking capabilities, allowing users to gain rewards such as farming rewards, exclusive events for future campaigns and mints, and an airdrop entitlement.

Each NFT is hand-drawn, taking in excess of 16 hours, with hidden riddles for the collector to decipher. By holding the NFT, users can access locked, private groups within Tangent Protocol’s private Discord server. The project offers the perfect start for any digital art collector looking to dive into something out of the ordinary, as well as more conventional investors searching for returns beyond potential price appreciation.

The minting cost is set at a competitive 190 ADA (approximately 60 USD). Tangent Protocol has partnered with NMKR, the leading NFT tooling option on Cardano, for their mint. Using NMKR’s robust toolset will allow for smooth, safe transactions while also opening up to payments accepted by credit or debit card; a novel approach for such an NFT launch.

Each NFT has a different staking power within the NFT Farm, according to their individual rarity and edition (Gold, Silver or Bronze). The minting is randomly assigned to each user in a lucky draw format, adding an extra layer of excitement to the project.

The Cardanaires Genesis NFT Collection offers a unique opportunity for users to get involved in something special. The combination of art and staking capabilities is an interesting concept that is sure to attract a lot of attention. The collection will go on sale on February 3rd, giving users the opportunity to get their hands on these limited edition NFTs.

Tezos‘ 13th Upgrade Proposal Set to Increase Network Performance and XTZ Value

• Nomadic Labs has submitted a proposal for the 13th upgrade of the Tezos network, which includes features such as the ability to transfer tickets between accounts and a shorter block time of 15 seconds.
• The upgrade, known as the Mumbai protocol upgrade, will be implemented after several tests.
• Tezos‘ volume has seen lower counts, but dev activity has increased, reaching its highest level in the previous six months.

Nomadic Labs is making sure that the Tezos network keeps up with the times with their recent 13th upgrade proposal. The upgrade, known as the Mumbai Protocol, is set to come with several new features. Firstly, users will now be able to transfer tickets between accounts, and the block time for transactions will be shortened to 15 seconds, allowing for faster transactions. Additionally, the Mainnet will be strengthened with the addition of the Epoxy feature, allowing for instant finality through SNARKs‘ proof-of-validity. Two new RPC endpoints will be added as well, to better monitor ticket ownerships.

The upgrade should bring Tezos‘ transaction speed closer to their target of one million transactions per second, which may increase the value of its native token, XTZ. Unfortunately, the volume measure for Tezos has been rather low in the past six months, failing to reach the 100 million mark. However, the network’s developer activity has seen a significant increase, reaching its highest level in the previous six months.

At the time of writing, XTZ was on a bull run, with its price increasing by 45% from the beginning of the year. With the upcoming 13th upgrade, the value of XTZ may increase even more. For those looking to invest in XTZ, now may be the ideal time to do so.

Polkadot (DOT) Posts Over 23% Gains, Bulls Eye $5.490

• Polkadot (DOT) posted over 23% gains in the past two weeks, rallying from $4.271 to a high of $5.272.
• The $5.272 hurdle is posing a challenge to bulls, with the RSI and OBV indicating intense buying pressure.
• Bulls could attempt to overcome the $5.272 hurdle and target $5.490, while bears could push DOT prices below $5.079.

Polkadot (DOT) has been on an uptrend since the end of last year, with the altcoin posting impressive gains of over 23% in the past two weeks. This rally has seen DOT prices move from $4.271 to a high of $5.272, at press time. However, the altcoin was still shy of the December high of $5.730, with obstacles at $5.272 and $5.681 posing challenges to bulls. At the time of writing, DOT was trading at $5.235 after a recent price rejection at $5.272.

In terms of technical indicators, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) had gradually moved to the overbought zone from the oversold area, indicating intense buying pressure in the past two weeks. Similarly, the On Balance Volume (OBV) made higher highs, indicating that trading volumes increased to boost the uptrend momentum.

Given these technical indicators, bulls could attempt to overcome the $5.272 hurdle to target the $5.490 level. If successful, this move could see DOT prices rise by 3.8%. However, bears were in sight around the $5.272 hurdle, and they would come in droves if bulls fail to clear the obstacle. Such a move could invalidate the bullish forecast and see bears push DOT prices below $5.079. If this happens, bulls may have to look for new support at $4.977 or $4.886.

Solana Ecosystem Grows with New Validator and Upcoming NFTs

• Solana has become the second blockchain to have two independent validator clients.
• Upcoming Solana NFTs have been revealed by Upvoting on Magic Eden in Jan & Feb 2023.
• Santiment’s chart suggests a positive outlook for the ecosystem’s NFT space.

Solana has recently become the second blockchain to have two independent validator clients. The announcement was made on 13 January, with Firedancer becoming the new validator. This new addition will reduce contention in Solana’s parallel VM, resulting in more efficient block production. Firedancer is a newly independent validator client built on a different dependency tree, meaning it will help increase the resiliency of the network to any potential bugs in the client implementation.

The end of 2022 did not look promising for the Solana NFT ecosystem, as several top projects announced they would bridge to Polygon [MATIC] during the first quarter of 2023. However, the new year brought positive news with the announcement of upcoming Solana NFTs by Upvoting on Magic Eden. These new NFTs will be released during the months of January and February.

Santiment’s chart shows a positive outlook for the NFT space of Solana. Though the total NFT trade count registered a slight decline, its total trade volume in USD went up over the past two months. This suggests that there is still interest in the ecosystem’s NFT space and that it is growing.

Overall, the recent developments in Solana’s network seem to be in its favor. The addition of a new validator and the announcement of upcoming NFTs are likely to increase the adoption of the blockchain. This will in turn, have a positive effect on its Galaxy Score and other metrics. As the ecosystem grows, it will be interesting to see how it develops and the impact it has on the blockchain space.

Join the Exciting Metacade Project: Over $2M Raised During Presale!

• Metacade’s presale of MCADE tokens has raised over $2 million for the GameFi project.
• MCADE, the platform’s native token, will power activity and transactions on Metacade.
• Beyond its stellar blockchain game offering, the platform will host leaderboards, trending games, GameFi alpha, and more to keep the community engaged.

Metacade, the world’s first community-run play-to-earn (P2E) arcade built on blockchain, has experienced an incredible showing from investors during its presale of MCADE tokens, raising over $2 million for the GameFi project. Beta testing saw $1 million pour in over a matter of weeks, and the momentum only continues despite the 25% increase in token price. The remaining $690k of the tokens are currently priced at $0.01 before the price rises 20% in the next round, and are available to buy on the official Metacade website.

MCADE, the platform’s native token, will power activity and transactions on Metacade. Players will use it to access pay-to-play games and be rewarded for their gaming efforts in MCADE. Additionally, there will be further earning opportunities through competitions and tournaments, sharing gaming alpha, and writing reviews. Staking will also be an option for MCADE holders wanting to top up their income. The token has a fixed supply of 2 billion, with seventy percent of these being made available during the presale.

Metacade offers much more than just stellar blockchain gaming. The platform will host leaderboards, trending games, GameFi alpha, and much more to keep the community engaged. To further show its support to the gaming community the platform will launch a jobs board to help people find new roles in Web3, as well as a Metagrants initiative to support game developers keen to build on the platform.

With over $2 million already raised during the presale, Metacade is looking to be one of the most ambitious and long-lasting projects in the GameFi space. Investors hoping to get in on the project have just under $700k of tokens left to purchase before the prices raise, so now is the time to jump in and join this exciting new project.

Solana’s Market Cap Nosedives by $47B, BONK Token Sparks Hope for Recovery

• Solana’s [SOL] market cap has nose-dived by over $47 billion in the past year.
• Solana’s market cap has shrunk 11 times to its press time value of $4.7 billion, while Ethereum’s market cap decreased by only three times over the same timeframe.
• Solana’s [SOL] community has gone „BONKers“ since the release of its very own dog-themed cryptocurrency token, sparking hope for a rally for the altcoin.

The cryptocurrency market is a volatile and unpredictable one. In the last year alone, the altcoin Solana [SOL] has seen its market cap wiped out by over $40 billion. This sharp decline has been attributed to many factors, including the collapse of FTX and the disclosure of the volume held by the now-defunct Alameda. The Solana community has been in a state of shock since the release of its own dog-themed cryptocurrency token, sparking a bit of hope that the altcoin might finally be able to make a recovery.

Despite the excitement, the market cap of Solana has nose-dived by over $47 billion in the past year. According to data obtained by CoinMarketCap, the downward trend in pricing had effectively wiped off more than $47 billion worth of the cryptocurrency’s market cap over the past year. When compared, Ethereum’s market cap decreased by only three times over the same timeframe, which meant that Solana’s market cap was now only 3.1% of Ethereum’s $148 billion.

The Solana community has been in a state of anticipation since the launch of its own token, hoping that this could be the catalyst for a long overdue rally. The token, dubbed BONK, has become quite popular with the community, with some claiming that it could serve as a store of value. The token is still in its early stages and its success is yet to be seen, but the overall sentiment within the community is positive.

It remains to be seen whether the BONK token can help Solana break out of its current downward trend. The altcoin has seen a slight surge in the past few days, but this has not been enough to compensate for its losses. For now, it seems that Solana holders will have to wait and see if the BONK token can help turn the tide for the altcoin.

SEC, CFTC, SDNY Investigate Nishad Singh for Role in FTX Collapse

• The SEC, CFTC, and SDNY are all investigating Nishad Singh’s role in the collapse of FTX.
• Singh was the Director of Engineering and had the code to transfer FTX funds.
• He also had a 7.8% stake in the exchange with a $500 million loan from Alameda and was an active political donor.

The United States government has finally opened an investigation into the activities of Nishad Singh, the missing former executive of the now-defunct FTX exchange. The investigations are being conducted by the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

Singh was the Director of Engineering at FTX and was responsible for the code to transfer funds from the exchange. He also owned a 7.8% stake in the exchange, and had taken a $500 million loan from Alameda. In addition, he was an active political donor and had poured nearly $8 million into Democrats for the 2022 elections.

The investigations into his activities began shortly after FTX declared bankruptcy. The government is looking into whether Singh was involved in a multi-year scheme to defraud investors. If he is found to have played a role in the scheme, he could face criminal charges by the end of this month.

This comes right after former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was also charged with eight counts of criminal and electoral fraud. Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The investigations into Singh’s role in FTX’s collapse are ongoing, and the outcome will determine his fate. The outcome of the investigations could also have a major impact on the crypto industry as a whole, as it will set a precedent for how such cases are handled in the future.


Bestes Ein-Mann-Zelt – Was ist das ultimative Solo-Zelt?
Jede Ein-Mann-Band braucht einen Platz zum Schlafen in der Nacht. Alleine zu zelten bedeutet, dass Sie Ihre Tage genau so gestalten können, wie Sie wollen, und dass Sie nicht mitten in der Nacht über jemanden kriechen müssen, um die Sterne zu sehen. Ganz gleich, ob Sie eine Durchwanderung machen, mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs sind oder sich warm anziehen, mit Solozelten kommen Sie immer weiter.

Die ultimativen Solozelte vereinen Leistung, Platz zum Überschlagen und schnellen Aufbau in einem unglaublich kleinen Zelt. Einige der Ein-Mann-Zelte, über die Sie weiter unten lesen werden, nehmen weniger Platz in Ihrem Rucksack ein als Ihre Nalgene.

Nicht jedes 1-Personen-Zelt muss die gleichen Kriterien erfüllen. Auf dem Markt für Einmannzelte gibt es viele Nischen, und in jeder Kategorie steht ein anderes Zelt an der Spitze der Hitliste. Egal, ob Sie um jeden Preis Gewicht sparen, schnell aufbauen oder an einem verregneten Morgen Platz zum Entspannen finden wollen – es gibt ein Zelt, das perfekt für Ihre nächste Reise ist.

Die Chancen stehen gut, dass dieses Zelt auf unserer Liste steht. Wir haben Ein-Personen-Zelte für Königinnen und 1-Personen-Zelte, die auf Schnelligkeit getrimmt sind, unter die Lupe genommen. Dieser Kaufratgeber bietet einen Überblick über den gesamten Markt und stellt die besten Solozelte für Abenteuer jeder Größe vor.